eBook: The Gospel And

We hear a lot about what the gospel is and how believing it is the answer to life's deepest problems. But how does believing the gospel change the way we deal with sex? money? work? This eBook explores the practical nature of the gospel. By understanding how the gospel applies to our everyday lives, we are given a Christ-centered perspective on some of life's most troubling and confusing issues.

eBook: 3 Ways To Kill a Missional Culture

Over the last 7 years, The Austin Stone has been in the process of transitioning to missional communities, and they’ve made plenty of mistakes. Now you get the benefit of learning from those mistakes. Todd Engstrom candidly shares about putting all the “missional” ideas into practice in a real church. 

eBook: Missional Community Made Simple

Looking for a practical and simple guide for living on mission? Trying to get your head around all the “missional community” lingo? Inside Missional Community Made Simple, 9 leading thinkers and practitioners will simplify what it means to follow Jesus, in community, on mission.

eBook: The Spontaneous Expansion of the Church

Roland Allen describes what the nature is of spontaneous expansion of the church: the Holy Spirit urges people to share from their hearts the gospel out of which He expands it beyond our control. He talks about the common fears and blockages for expansion and describes how the churches in the New Testament could multiply soo rapidly.

eBook: Equip – Practical Ways To Train Missional Leaders

“How do you train missional leaders?" is a huge and really, really important question right now. Drawing from several missional leaders and practitioners this resource will give you practical tips and ideas on training leaders in a missional context.

eBook: Words To Winners of Souls

From the eBook: "How much more would a few good and fervent men effect in the ministry than a multitude of lukewarm ones!" This free resource includes: The importance of a living ministry; How to walk with God in faithfulness; How to walk in the Spirit and in Prayer; Revival in ministry; How to reap a harvest of souls for Jesus.