eBook: Missional Community Made Simple

MissionalCommMadeSimpleCoverV2600x800Looking for a practical and simple guide for living on mission?

Trying to get your head around all the “missional community” lingo?

Inside Missional Community Made Simple, 9 leading thinkers and practitioners will simplify what it means to follow Jesus, in community, on mission.

Contributors include Alan Hirsch, Mike Breen, Jeff Vanderstelt, Neil Cole, Todd Engstrom, Hugh Halter, JR Woodward, Felicity Dale, and Matt Carter.

In this free, 30-page eBook you will receive:

  • An easy-to-understand guide about being on mission
  • 9 perspectives from 9 leaders on what it looks like to be on mission
  • Helpful and simple definitions for what it means to follow Jesus in community

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