eBook: 3 Ways To Kill a Missional Culture

3WaysToKillMissionalEngstromCoverV2600x800This is a story of failures – and how you can learn from them.

Over the last several years, The Austin Stone has been in the process of transitioning to missional communities, and they’ve made plenty of mistakes. Now you get the benefit of learning from those mistakes.

So rather than present a polished vision, values and practices, Todd Engstrom takes a little different tack – he candidly talks about putting all the “missional” ideas into practice in a real church. His gut-wrenching honesty about their failures in the transition to missional is full of lesson after eye-opening lesson.

He goes on to say that “the title of this ebook is ’3 Ways to Kill a Missional Culture’, but it could easily be titled ’3 Boneheaded Mistakes that We Made And How You Can Learn From Them.’”

Specifically, this free resource will:

  • Show you the 3 major mistakes they made in transitioning to Missional Communities
  • Illustrate the 3 types of groups you will have in transition, and why you need to understand how each group works
  • Give you the 3 secrets that saved them from utter failure

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