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eBook: The Missional Family

Inside The Missional Family, leading thinkers and practitioners will simplify what it means to for your family to live out the gospel in everyday life.

eBook: Leading Your Church To Be On Mission

Use this free eBook, Leading Your Church To Be On Mission, to understand the ins and outs of helping your church (or group) take steps towards holistic mission, engaging others with gospel intentionality and the pitfalls associated with pursuing the mission of God in community.

eBook: Simple Ways To Be Missional

Use this free eBook, Simple Ways To Be Missional, to begin to take simple steps towards engaging others with gospel intentionality. This free resource includes: 25 Simple Ways To Be Missional In Your Neighborhood by Josh Reeves; 30 Simple Ways To Be Missional In Your Workplace by Josh Reeves; 10 Simple Ways To Be Missional by Tim Chester; 8 Ways To Easily Be Missional by Jonathan Dodson; and much MORE!

eBook: Holistic Discipleship

We tend to think of discipleship one of two different lenses. For some discipleship is the same as coaching. For others discipleship is education. But it's more than these. Discipleship is helping the whole person become all that God has designed them to be in Christ. Find out how.