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eBook: The Pursuit of God

A thirst for an intimate relationship with God, claims A.W. Tozer, is not for a select few, but should be the experience of every follower of Christ. Find out more.

eBook: Why The Missional Movement Will Fail

It's time we start being brutally honest about the missional movement that has emerged in the last 10-15 years: Chances are better than not it's going to fail. Find out why.

eBook: 29 Practical Leadership Tips

What does it take to become an effective missional leader? Use this free eBook to to gain practical insights and tips into leading in the context of mission and ministry.

eBook: The Joy of Being a Disciplemaker

There's joy in being a disciplemaker. The cost is high, but it's worth it. It's worth it to not stay in a comfort zone, but to step out, trusting the Lord for not just the ends, but also the means. Francis Chan encourages you to rejoice in the Lord and be blown away by His truth, even in the difficulty of discipleship.