eBook: 6 Rhythms of Fruitful Disciplemakers

What if God has actually given us this amazing way of seeing life that would make all of life one big huge opportunity for discipleship and mission?

In this eBook, a transcription of a talk from the Verge Conference, Caesar Kalinowski highlights the 6 rhythms of fruitful diciplemakers.

Caesar suggests that we need to change our thinking about discipleship. We need to move from a mindset of something additional in our life that has to be added to one of intentional. We need to move from additional to intentional. This eBook provides that pathway forward.

This eBook will give you:

  • A simple way to make disciples without adding anything to your schedule
  • 6 rhythms for mission and discipleship that are reproducible in any context
  • A pathway forward for effective disciple making

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