Guide: Simple Ways To Be Missional This Halloween

halloweenbookcover-04-logo-copyDo You Want To Make A Difference THIS HALLOWEEN?

Here is a free guide packed with 46+ helpful tips and resources for making the most of your opportunity to make a difference this Halloween. Don’t just hand out candy this Halloween…MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

In this free Guide you will learn:

  • 12 simple ways to make a difference this Halloween that will give you the foundation to effectively reach your neighbors (without all the awkwardness)…
  • 3 tips for discipling your kids this Halloween and how to make the most of the opportunity to teach your children…
  • 8 practical ways to be missional this Halloween without adding anything to your schedule…
  • Plus… “Simple Ways To Share Your Faith” and “5 Ways To Bless Your Neighbors” and much, much more!

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