Evangelism Made Simple

Practical Strategies & Tools For Effective Evangelism

Missional Community Primer

A Practical Guide for Gospel-Centered Missional Community

Gospel Advance

A Practical Guide for Being the Church in All of Life and Mission

Gospel Sharing Made Simple

Sharing the Gospel should be simple and doable. Find out how.

40-Day Disciplemaking Challenge

40 Days To Becoming a Better Disciplemaker

The Jesus Plan For Discipleship

Following Jesus' Strategy for Evangelism and Discipleship

Missional Living Made Simple

The Online Course You Need To Live A Missional Life

Discipleship In Community Made Simple

Process and Life Rhythms for Multiplying Disciples in Community

Family Discipleship Made Simple

The Online Course You Need For Simple And Doable Family Discipleship.

Intro to Missional Communities

A practical introduction to effective missional communities.

Missional Habits Made Simple

A Practical Course on the Marks of Missional People

Practical Strategies for Missional Community

A Practical Guide For Effective Missional Community

Reaching and Discipling Millennials

The 3 things you need to reach and disciple Millennials.

How To Turn Consumers Into Missionaries

A Practical Guide to Overcoming The Biggest Barrier to Mission

Practical Guide To Being Missional In The Suburbs

Removing The Suburban Barriers To Missional Living

Transitioning Small Groups to Missional Communities

The strategies and tools to transition from small groups to communities on mission.

How to Empower Everyday People to Share the Gospel

A practical guide for helping people share the gospel

Leading People To Jesus

Life-Giving Ways To Live Out The Kingdom & Lead People To Jesus

Engage: Becoming Redemptive Culture-Makers

A Practical Guide for Being Redemptive Culture-makers

How To Live Missionally Without Losing Your Heart

A practical guide for sustaining mission over the long haul

Advancing the Gospel in a Post-Christian Context

A practical guide for engaging our rapidly changing culture.

Pastoring People & Groups Toward Mission

A practical guide for pastoring people and groups to live on mission.

Launching Missional Communities

A practical introduction to launching & multiplying missional communities

Transitioning From Church to Movement

Paradigms & Practices for Transitioning From Church to Reproducing Movement